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50years combined experience in Infrastructural development

NBI Group is a UK based Infrastructure consulting company with vast experience in Civil Engineering Works, Power, Telecoms and Technology. Our members consists of specialists companies and top rated professionals who possess the capability to deploy technical resources quite proficiently in different parts of the world.


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NBI civil works section is divided into four main sub groups namely; Water & Environmental, Roads & Highways, Rail networks and Buildings.

The epileptic power challenges and huge financial drain frequently experienced in Africa is and remains a point of huge concern to the entire continent.

The world of today has become a major technological hot bed with new technological innovations and inventions emerging on a daily basis. 

At NBI Group, we are always quite keen to work with consultants in the Infrastructure sector who have been operating in the specialist sector for no less than twenty years.

We will consult for Local, State, Municipal, Province, Central and Federal governments on major and turnkey projects such as Water & Environmental, Power, Roads & Highways ……….

One of the greatest challenges faced by the African continent is the ability to sustainably fund infrastructural projects; at NBI, we work closely with a significant ………..

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