Friday, 21th June 2024

The Nigerian Power & Energy Investment Conference 2024

Friday, 21th June 2024


Program Details

Speakers & Panellists


National Anthem



Opening Remarks


10.10 am

Keynote speech


10:20 am

Clean Energy, a prerequisite for socio economic growth


 10:40 am

Investing in Nigeria’s energy sector, the legal framework



Hydroeletric Energy investments in Nigeria, the pros and cons


11:20 am

The Wind Energy option

Investing in Windmills as a source of clean energy


11:40 am            

Comfort break


12:00pm midday

The Investment impact in Solar Energy


12:20 pm

Understanding the application of software development in power supply –


12:40 pm

Sustainable power supply through Bio Energy


1:00 pm



2:00 pm

Waste to Energy, the core benefits for both investors and consumers


2:40 pm

Tidal Energy generating clean energy for socio economic growth


3:00 pm

Funding and investing in Independent Power supply companies


3:20 pm

Panel discussion

The Economic & Environmental impact of fossil fuel as a replacement for clean energy in Nigeria


4:20 pm

Closing Remarks



End of Event


*Please note, programme contents are subject to change